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Detox boxDetox Box

Never before has there been a safer and more effective way to detoxify the body. Many of today’s toxins and heavy metals have been difficult to remove from the body. Thanks to The Detox Box, it is possible to sweat many of the toxins from the body, even heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

The Salon of Beauty is delighted to announce the arrival of the ultimate detoxification process introduced to Australia, the fabulous “Detox Box”.

The concept of The Detox Box is remarkably simple. Upon entering a sauna like room, the client relaxes on the specially designed couch and is exposed to totally safe far-infrared rays. The rays penetrate the skin to a depth of 4–6 cms, and having mobilised toxins from fat storage, expels them from the body by way of sweating. Perspiration will begin within 6 to 15 minutes after stepping into the unit. Thirty minutes of detoxing achieves the equivalent sweat loss of a 10 km run.

Thoroughly researched and tested, these revolutionary saunas are proven to greatly improve your overall health by conditioning and relaxing the body. The soft radiant heat created by our sauna has been likened to the comforting warmth felt being behind a glass window on an autumn afternoon. The natural energy replenishes your body with far infrared light, normally gained by exposure to the sun.

The health benefits are not only astounding, they are numerous too. It is an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience. Here are a few:

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Body shapingBeautytek

Beautytek is a non-invasive body sculpting technique using state of the art technology. It offers a safe and pain-free alternative to surgical body shaping procedures.

A very low-frequency electrical impulse is passed into the body. As the stimulus is transferred to each specific area with the use of a variety of hand-held wands, the Beautytek computer monitors the body’s reaction so that the treatment is constantly adjusted to achieve energetic equilibrum, precisely calibrated for each individual at that point in time.

The energy transmitted into the tissue acts as a stimulus for a variety of body functions:

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Body massageBody Treatments

Included in all our massages and body treatments are essential oils of the highest quality. You will leave with your skin feeling soft, replenished and your sense of well being restored. Relax and unwind as we pamper, massage and rejuvenater your mind, body and soul.

Experience pure indulgence with one of our luxurious treatments or specialised packages.

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Beautiful hands and nailsManicures

Beautiful feetPedicures

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