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Marie is applying electrolysis on a clientElectrolysis

Electrolysis is a progressively permanent hair removal treatment to rid the body of superfluous (unwanted) hair. A fine metal probe is gently slid into the base of the follicle, to where the cells responsible for growing the hair are situated. Intensity is then applied to the base of the follicle (thermolysis) which destroys the cells that grow the hair.

During the electrolysis treatment you may experience a heat sensation which is associated with the intensity being applied. It is called progressively permanent, as it is difficult although not impossible to destroy all the cells after one insertion. If all cells are not destroyed the hair will grow back finer, softer and lighter, until eventually all cells are destroyed and the follicle is unable to produce another hair.

If you would like to know more, a free consultation is availbable with a test patch. Please see therapist for more details.


Diathermy skin treatment is the use of high frequency electric current to produce heat. This is a quick process where we insert a fine needle into the capillary, which will produce a current. This current will then drain away the blood that causes the broken capillaries to appear.

Some skins will develop very tiny scabs after the diathermy skin treatment. This is to enable the skin to heal and you must follow after-care instructions as advised by your therapist to ensure correct skin healing.

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