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Gernetic FacialGernétic

Derived from cellular biology research, Gernétic beauty care products are made of plants, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins and noble oils, the 100% natural principles of which guarantee optimal results without risk of allergy. All producing outstanding anti-aging benefits.

Active ingredients are designed to have a positive impact on the body internally and externally. Superior penetration and absorption makes them up to ten times more effective than regular cosmetics.

For a closer look at this product range please visit the Gernetic products page, alternatively choose a category based on your needs.

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Cell Fusion beautyCell Fusion

A nanotechnology-based, dermatological skin care product that enhances the skin barriers and antioxidant effect, and is effective to sensitive skin and problematic skin disorders.

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Crème Métamorphique BeautyBeauté Pacifique

The Beauté Pacifique line currently consists of 38 products within the category of dermacosmetic or cosmeseuticals. Dermacosmetic means beauty care which always fulfils the cosmetic (directive) but the effect is close to the border between cosmetics and medical remedies.

Beauté Pacifique products are designed for the face and the body and are suitable for both young and mature skin. Beauté Pacifique’s A-vitamin products reduce age degeneration, sun damage and stretch marks. As the only one of its kind the A-vitamin cream "Crème Métamorphique" is capable of penetrating to the lower parts of the skin. It is proven in an independent double blinded, placebo-controlled Danish study which was carried out by Professor Peter Bjerring at the dermatological department at Marselisborg Hospital. The study showed that the cream, after only five days treatment, can strengthen the skin’s elastic fibrestruture.

Beauté Pacifique treatment creams have a patented delivery system of allowing the active ingredients to rebirth the skin.

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dr BaborDr Babor

We are proud to announce that we now stock the entire range of Dr Babor products. Babor stands for exclusive, high-quality skincare which brings together innovative scientific findings with effective natural ingredients.

Unique benefits from precious ingredients guarantee the highest skin tolerance. Experience the holistic effects of Babor skincare products in our salon where one of our friendly beauty consultants will introduce you to the range suitable for your skin.

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